Miss Risa



Youth Mentor

Certified Reiki Master Practitioner

Miss Risa believes that youth, especially those at-risk and in foster care, are one of the most deserving, yet undervalued segments of society. She strives to teach these children about the joys of alternative healing, regular self-care, and creative expression. By healing ourselves, and supporting our children, we are investing in the future success of our community. Please contact Risa if you wish to arrange a youth workshop on any of these topics:

  • Meditation
  • Artistic practice for mental and emotional health
  • Reiki energy healing
  • Chakras
  • DIY all-natural beauty treatments
  • Animal spirit guides
  • Tarot readings
  • Animal oracle card readings
  • Moon spells
  • Seasonal rituals
  • Simple vegan recipes
  • Suggest your own! What inspiring topic would your child love to explore?



Contact: marisa_saaved33@hotmail.com